The benefits of Pseudo-Holography – 3D on a higher comfort level:

  • Much larger depth perception
  • Stressless 3D viewing over a long time period*
  • No switching between 2D and 3D content
  • Eliminates the accommodation conflict**
  • Better natural 3D perception
  • Walk around effect
  • All autostereoscopic multi-viewer displays upgradable


* The anatomical adaptation of our image assists the brain in recognizing the spatiality of the image. The brain can produce a stereoscopic image more easily, thus making depth perception better and easier. With our anatomical adaptation, we simplify the brain’s workload, allowing 3D for a longer time without stress.

** The cause of the accomomodation conflict is that the eyes focus on the image on the screen surface. What the eyes see there actually lies a few centimeters / meters behind this screen surface. Thanks to our system and its large number of perspectives – in contrast to only two currently available in stereo imaging – we reduce the effort of our eyes and allow them access to several hundred perspectives. Thus, we no longer irritate the eyes and no conflict arises.