The psHolix technology allows to develop different product lines:

1. The perfect spatial display which fulfills all killer criteria for the 3D display of the future:

  • No glasses
  • Perfect 2D (backward compatible) and crystal clear 3D quality
  • Multiviewer solution
  • Better dept perception and walk around effect


2. VR & Head Mounted Display

The psHolix software also works on HMDs and is applicable for VR, AR & MR. psHolix eliminates the accommodation conflict in VR. The accommodation conflict is responsible for headaches and eye strain. Using the psHolix software means stress-free VR viewing.


3. Autonomous vehicles

The psHolix technology can support camera-based ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) to distinguish between edges of objects like cars, trucks, pedestrians, animals, etc. or simple textures like from a large street sign or advertising. The psHolix software uses the input from a stereo camera of a car to assign a distance to every pixel of the image on the fly (live). Object detection is one of the key features of our algorithm based on our anatomy adaptation. Secondly our technology helps to “identify and highlight” the borders and edges of objects and is creating a bigger depth (stereo based extension). Therefore the ADAS get a better input to take a decision.