Pseudo-Holography is a display technology developed and patented by psHolix AG. psHolix owns more than 57 patents, more than 25 are granted. The technology is characterized by the following features:

  • Real time multiview generation of more than 20,000 perspectives
  • Anatomy adaptation to the human eye
  • New pixel structure with 100 times higher resolution than HD
  • Super-multiview approach
  • Stereo base extension
  • Massive parallel image synthesis

Together these yield a display with the following benefits for every viewer:

  • Much better natural 3D perception
  • More stressless 3D viewing over a long time period
  • Drastically improved depth perception by factors
  • All content in HD quality
  • No need to switch between 2D and 3D

Pseudo-Holography is the only stereoscopic display technology (glasses based or autostereoscopic), which avoids the accommodation/convergence conflict.

The psHolix technology integrates latest state of the art from 7 different disciplines: